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The Triskelion by Totally Wycked Audio is a harmonic energizer pedal that utilizes vintage synth technology to reshape the harmonic structure of the input signal, adding punch, clarity, and depth to any guitar tone. The pedal is based on the rare Systech Harmonic Energizer, which was favored by renowned artists such as Joe Walsh, Greg Lake, and notably, Frank Zappa.

Key Features and Controls:
- Energy: Controls the peak or "Q" of the selected filter frequency, with a maximum boost of +22 dB @ 155 Hz; +16 dB @ 1 kHz or +16 dB @ 1.55 kHz.
- Variant Mass: Controls the frequency to be boosted, with a control range of 155 Hz (CCW) to 1.55 kHz (CW) in Classic setting or 220 Hz (CCW) to 2.1 kHz (CW) in Modern setting.
- Amplitude: When engaged, controls the output level of the Triskelion, with a maximum output of +47 dB (CW).
- HP Switch: Engaged to cut 155 Hz by -20 dB, effectively extending the high- frequency range of the pedal.
- Amplitude Engage Switch: Turns gain off/on, allowing the Triskelion to be used as a straight EQ or EQ with level boost.
- EXP Jack: Allows the user to control the Variant Mass setting using an external expression pedal.

Additional Controls and Specifications:
- Classic/Modern Switch: Selects between the original Triskelion frequency range of 155 Hz – 1.55 kHz and a Modern range with a slightly attenuated low- end (220 Hz – 2.1 kHz) for a smoother, more wah-like sweep when using an expression pedal.
- Gain Select Switch: Selects between original or attenuated gain level.
- Power: The Triskelion can run off a standard 9-Volt battery or 9-Volt DC adaptor with tip-negative polarity. Current draw ranges from 80-100 mA, depending on control settings.

The Triskelion Mk II (TK-02) features footswitch control of Gain Engage, S3™ “Shortest Send Switching™” – a relay-based true bypass switching that defaults to bypass if power is lost, and a smaller, pedalboard-friendly chassis.

The Triskelion is designed to create glassy clean tones, boost midrange for throaty solos, or tune the rig to any room for a wall of singing, resonant feedback. It is suitable for achieving massive amp sounds, explosive lead- breaks, infinite sustain, and intense tones.

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