R Series R-03 Uzi Distortion Guitar Pedal By Joyo

R Series R-03 Uzi Distortion

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The JOYO R Series R-03 Uzi Distortion pedal is specially designed for heavy metal and is characterized by high gain. It features a BIAS knob that allows users to switch easily between American Distortion and British Distortion. The pedal also includes a GAIN Control Knob and a VOLUME Control Knob, both of which are dynamically balanced, ensuring that the signal from the circuit adjusts automatically to maintain consistent volume levels.

The pedal offers the following controls: Volume, Gain, Bias, Low, Mid, High, and LED Toggle. It does not have a battery compartment. The dimensions of the pedal are 109mm x 67mm x 48mm, and it weighs 248g. The input impedance is 1M, the output impedance is 200, and the rated current is 20mA. The pedal operates on a 9v Centre Negative power supply.

The Uzi Distortion pedal provides a versatile range of classic distortion, from crunch to fat and intense lead sounds, making it suitable for various heavy metal applications. Additionally, it features ambient LED lighting that can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal, with three modes of lighting available.

Overall, the JOYO R Series R-03 Uzi Distortion pedal offers a powerful and versatile distortion effect, with precise controls and dynamic balancing to cater to the needs of heavy metal guitarists.

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