R Series R-04 Zip Amp Overdrive Guitar Pedal By Joyo

R Series R-04 Zip Amp Overdrive

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The Joyo R Series R-04 Zip Amp Overdrive is a versatile pedal designed to deliver strong compression overdrive tones, making it suitable for lovers of instrumental rock, hard rock, and glam metal. The pedal features controls for Low, High, Volume, and Drive, allowing users to adjust the EQ and push the overdriven tones further. It also includes a toggle switch to control the compression from normal to compressed mode.

The R-04 Zip Amp is part of the Revolution series from JOYO, featuring ambient LED lighting that can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal. The LED lights have three modes: "Sync" to the footswitch, "Always on," and "Off."

Technical Specifications:
- Dimensions: 109mm x 67mm x 48mm
- Weight: 248g
- Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
- Output Impedance: 200 Ohms
- Rated Current: 20mA
- Voltage: 9V Centre Negative power supply

The pedal is housed in a tough metal shell with a glossy appearance and true bypass functionality. It operates on a 9V power supply and is designed to provide a balanced and powerful preamp overdriven tone with compression control.

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