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The Bones Texas by Radial is a power-packed overdrive pedal meticulously designed to deliver three generations of overdrive suitable for various playing styles. It features two channels that allow seamless switching between fat crunchy rhythm and sustaining lead tones. The pedal incorporates a unique class-A buffering circuit that retains the natural feel and responsiveness of the guitar, providing the performance of 'true bypass' connectivity while lowering impedance and susceptibility to noise. This enables efficient driving of multiple pedals and longer cables on concert stages.

Key Features and Functions:
1. IN: 1/4" input jack for the guitar.
2. OUT: 1/4” output jack connection to the amp.
3. PSU: Connection for 9-12 volt DC (center pin negative).
4. BYPASS: Footswitch toggles between overdrive and clean bypass with an on/off LED status indicator.
5. TOGGLE: Allows selection between the two overdrive channels, each with its own LED status indicator.
6. DRIVE: Adjusts the overall amount of overdrive.
7. TONE 1 & 2: Tone control for each channel.
8. BITE 1 & 2: 3-position switch for assigning different voicings to each channel.
9. LEVEL 1 & 2: Level control for adjusting the overall output volume of each channel separately.

The Bones Texas is designed for clean, rhythm, and lead playability. In bypass mode, it provides the natural clean sound of the guitar, and when activated, it allows seamless toggling between rhythm and lead channels. Each channel is equipped with its own tone and level control, allowing customization of the sound for specific needs.

The pedal employs Radial’s advanced Electronic Impulse Switching (EIS) for quiet switching at all levels and years of trouble-free performance. It requires an external power adapter that outputs 9 to 12 volts DC with a 2.1mm barrel jack wired center pin negative, drawing a maximum of 100mA.

The Bones Texas overdrive pedal is compact and suitable for any pedalboard, offering vintage TS9, OCD, and high-gain settings in one unit. It is designed to deliver a wide range of tones, from vintage bluesy textures to ultra high- gain modern tones, making it versatile for various musical styles and applications.

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