Futura Envelope Chorus Guitar Pedal By Paradox Effects

Futura Envelope Chorus

Pedal Manufacturer

Paradox Effects


The Futura Envelope Chorus by Paradox Effects is a full analog effect that offers a wide range of Chorus/Vibrato tones while providing interactivity with the envelope of the guitar signal. It features a BBD Chorus and a full analog signal path, along with an in-house built optocoupler. The pedal includes intelligent switching for envelope activation, allowing for both latching or momentary activation. The envelope swell direction for rate and depth can be controlled via toggle switches. The blend control ranges from 100% dry to 100% wet, and there is a level control to ensure apparent gain balance.

When the envelope is active, the pedal offers various controls, including sensitivity to the picking dynamics, selection of parameters affected by the envelope follower (Rate, Depth, or Rate + Depth simultaneously), and the ability to choose the direction of each swell (upward or downward). The Futura uses a 9-volt DC power supply with a positive barrel, negative tip at the center, and a 2.1mm diameter.

The pedal is handmade in Tijuana, Mexico, and was available for pre-orders starting February 2019, with a street price of $219.99. It is designed for musicians seeking a versatile and expressive modulation effect with unique control over the envelope and LFO parameters.

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