Bass Chorus Guitar Pedal By Carl Martin

Bass Chorus

Pedal Manufacturer

Carl Martin


The Bass Chorus by Carl Martin is designed specifically for bass and features a dual stereo effects pedal with independent sets of speed and depth controls. It is housed in a wider/lower metal casing with 'chicken-head knobs' for adjustment. The chorus effect has been fine-tuned to ensure its full impact is evident even as low as low B. The pedal includes a 'Select' button to use or bypass the effect, an 'On' button to choose between two chorus settings, and LED indicators for each chorus setting. Additionally, when switching from a slow chorus to a faster chorus, the effect speeds up slowly for a vintage Leslie effect. The Bass Chorus is true stereo operation and has a regulated +/-12V power supply for maximum headroom and clarity. The pedal is analog, with a mono input and mono output, and operates on a 9V DC power supply with a power consumption of 130 mA. It does not work on batteries and offers true bypass mode.

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