? The Flange With No Name Guitar Pedal By Lovetone

? The Flange With No Name

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The Flange With No Name by Lovetone, also known as the ?™, is a highly versatile flanger pedal with innovative features that expand its applications into various areas. The pedal is essentially a time delay-based device with separate access to delay time modulation and the straight signal, enabling stereo use and various control options. It is designed to self-oscillate, generating its own sounds and offering a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Key Technical Specifications:
- Height: 7 1/8 in. (18.1 cm)
- Width: 7 7/8 in. (20 cm)
- Depth: 3 1/4 in. (8.3 cm) at the deepest point

- Offers flanging, phasing, chorusing, and genuine vib/trem effects
- Capable of self-oscillation, expanding into modular synth-like territory
- Provides a wide range of delay times, from phasing to cardboard tube reverb and slap back echo
- Allows for separate control of delay time modulation and straight signal, enabling unique sonic possibilities
- Offers various control options for manual and LFO modulation, including depth, rate, and reaction controls
- Includes input gain control for optimizing signal level and headroom
- Features an effects loop for additional signal processing and experimentation
- Provides connections for volume pedal, light jack, and control voltage for versatile modulation control
- Equipped with a stereo output for stereo use and a summed mono output

The pedal's design and functionality make it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and applications, from studio use to live performances. It has been favored by musicians across genres and generations, including rock and shoegaze icons like Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., and the Greenwoods of Radiohead.

The pedal comes with its original instruction document but lacks the original box and power supply.

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