Keto Guitar Pedal By Ground FX


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Ground FX


The Ground FX Keto is a chorus pedal with additional reverb, offering dreamy lo-fi ambient tones. The pedal features two main footswitch-able choruses, allowing users to switch between nostalgic '80s chorus and deep, mystical effects. The reverb is designed to mimic true spring reverb, providing an organic and enveloping echo for the tone. The built-in preamp can be adjusted to add grit and gain to the sound.

- Model Name: Ground FX Keto
- Controls: Depth x 2, Rate x 2, Room, Delay, Volume
- Inputs/Outputs: Input, 2 x Output, Expression
- Footswitch: Master Bypass (Right), Chorus II (Left)
- Power: 9V DC

The pedal comes in a strong metal casing, making it suitable for live settings. With seven control dials, users can shape their tone with precision, adjusting the depth, rate, room, delay, and volume to create their desired sound.

The Ground FX Keto is designed to expand the user's tone massively with its distinctive voicings and supreme control, offering a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing guitar riffs.

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