DJ-7 Milkshake Chorus Guitar Pedal By Danelectro

DJ-7 Milkshake Chorus

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The Danelectro DJ-7 Milkshake Chorus pedal is designed to provide a smooth and creamy chorus effect. It features two tone buttons and an on/off switch, offering a simple and easy-to-use interface. The pedal is known for its easy, smooth chorus effect, making it great for smoothing out rhythm tones. The Danelectro DJ-7 Milkshake Chorus pedal is compact and durable, with a plastic case. It is designed to deliver a quick, smooth chorus effect, making it suitable for various musical styles such as rock, metal, and blues. The pedal is known for its rich and creamy chorus sound, and it is equipped with speed and depth controls to adjust the rate and depth of the chorus effect.

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