797 Guitar Pedal By Dirty Haggard Audio


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Dirty Haggard Audio


The Dirty Haggard Audio 797 is a premium lo-fi overdrive pedal that blends vintage warmth with modern precision and performance. It features a compact design with a powerful 15dB output boost for convenience and impact. The pedal draws inspiration from the classic 250 overdrive and preamp, with a doubled component count to refine gain characteristics and minimize noise. The incorporation of a premium audio-grade op-amp ensures pristine sound quality and eliminates distortion. The pedal also offers balanced EQ for sound shaping and true bypass technology to preserve the original tone integrity when disengaged.

Technical Specifications:
- Utilizes top-tier components for unparalleled quality
- Premium Op Amp provides pristine sound quality and eliminates distortion
- 9V center negative compatibility
- Battery operation is not supported
- Current Consumption: 2 mA bypass, 2 mA engaged
- Enclosure Dimensions: 111 mm (L) x 59 mm (W) x 31 mm (H)
- Weight: 212 g (0.47 lbs)

The pedal is hand-built with meticulous care for exceptional quality control and features a miniature, pedalboard-friendly design with side-mounted jacks and DC input for easy pedalboard cable management and setup.

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