Vyagra Boost Guitar Pedal By Crazy Tube Circuits

Vyagra Boost

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The Vyagra Boost by Crazy Tube Circuits is a unique full-range clean boost pedal featuring an independent parametric EQ section with a range of +/- 15db at 120 – 1200Hz. The heart of this pedal is a high-quality MOSFET op-amp that enhances tone. It provides up to 25db of full-range clean boost designed to make your sound "huge" no matter where it is placed in the signal chain. The footswitchable parametric EQ allows for altering the frequency response of a guitar/pedal or mimicking a fixed position wah. Additionally, it can be used to overdrive your favorite dirt pedal/tube amp or boost volume for solos. The Vyagra Boost can also function as a high-quality buffer with a gain knob fully counter-clockwise and EQ off, and it can be used as a highly customizable envelope filter by dialing the sensitivity control. Furthermore, it is compatible with an expression pedal for remotely controlled wah-wah effects.

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