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OC-20G Poly Octave

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The BOSS OC-20G Poly Octave is the world's first polyphonic octave pedal designed for use with GK-equipped guitars. It features assignable octave processing, allowing octaves to be produced for various combinations of strings while leaving the other strings unprocessed, enabling simulated guitar/bass combos. The pedal also includes onboard electric and acoustic guitar simulations, along with a distortion effect. The rugged, dual-pedal design incorporates simple, knob-based controls, and it accommodates playing chords while using octaves. Additionally, the OC-20G requires the optional GK-2AH pickup or equivalent for use. The pedal provides six guitar simulations, including three acoustic and three electric guitar simulations, and onboard distortion can be activated to produce a thick "new-school" metal sound with bass an octave below.

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