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The Zoom Choir 5050 is an innovative ambience signal processor that incorporates advanced ZOOM technology gained through the development of sophisticated multi-effect devices. It features the latest developments in Zoom's digital technology to ensure natural-sounding high-quality chorus, reverb, and delay effects, suitable for electric guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, and bass enhancement. The pedal offers seven sophisticated variations ranging in character from a tight, snappy sound to a spacious spread, making it easy to achieve the right sound for various musical creations. The seven color settings include CH0 REV, CH0 DLY, MULTI CH0, DOUBLING, DIMENSION, AURA, and DELAY.

The Choir 5050 provides wide-range controls to tailor the output to individual taste and includes a program mode to store custom settings in memory. It also supports the optional foot switch FSO1 for easy program changes during live performances. The pedal is specially designed to be used with guitar amplifiers or in line connections.

The Choir 5050 can be powered by six LEC R6 (size AA) batteries or the optional AC adapter AD-0003. It is recommended to avoid using the pedal in environments with temperature extremes, high humidity or moisture, excessive dust or sand, and excessive vibration or shock. The 5050 uses digital circuitry and may cause interference and noise if placed too close to other electrical equipment.

The pedal features various controls including Effect LEVEL, Effect EQ, TIME, DEPTH, and COLOR, allowing users to adjust the mix of the original signal and effect signal, high-frequency content of the effect signal, reverb time, delay time, chorus texture, and more. The Choir 5050 also offers true stereo outputs and a preset recall system for added functionality.

The dimensions of the Zoom Choir 5050 are 116 (W) X 160 (D) X 57 (H) mm, and it weighs 880 g (1.96 lbs) including batteries.

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