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The Mobius by Strymon is a versatile guitar modulation pedal designed to deliver a wide range of modulation effects. It features studio-class modulation algorithms with meticulous and detailed modulation experiences. The pedal offers twelve modulation machines, including Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Vibe, Phaser, Filter, Formant, Vintage Trem, Pattern Trem, Autoswell, Destroyer, and Quadrature.

The hardware specifications include 24-bit, 96kHz converters, 32-bit floating- point processing, and a 110dB signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring high-quality sound output. The pedal provides 200 easily accessible and nameable presets, allowing users to save and recall presets at the press of a switch. Additionally, it offers expression pedal control, assignable knobs, pre/post mode, and MIDI integration.

The Mobius pedal is equipped with a variety of input and output options, including left and right inputs and outputs, an expression pedal input, signal routing switch, MIDI input, MIDI output, and power input of 9VDC (center negative), with a minimum requirement of 300mA.

The pedal's front panel features a display for LFO speed, preset name, or preset bank number, along with knobs for speed, depth, level, param 1, and param 2, allowing for complete control over modulation parameters, global settings, and fine-tuning of LFO speed. The rear panel includes various input and output connections, as well as power input.

The Mobius pedal has received positive reviews for its sound quality, flexibility, and versatility, making it suitable for both live performances and studio applications. It is praised for its ability to deliver classic analog effects with expressive and characterful sound, as well as its extensive editing capabilities and wide range of modulation effects.

Overall, the Mobius by Strymon is a powerful and versatile modulation pedal designed to meet the needs of guitarists and musicians seeking high-quality modulation effects for their performances and recordings.

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