Fig Fumb Guitar Pedal By Stone Deaf FX

Fig Fumb

Pedal Manufacturer

Stone Deaf FX


The Fig Fumb by Stone Deaf FX is a versatile pedal designed to deliver classic Muff-inspired fuzz tones with enhanced control and stability. It features a parametric EQ with adjustable high-gain fuzz, allowing for a wide range of tonal palettes. The frequency response ranges from 35Hz to 6kHz, providing a full spectrum of guitar amplifier tones.

Key features and specifications include:
- Dual channel operation with or without a noise gate function, switchable between rhythm (with noise gate) and lead channels without noise gate
- Frequency control knob sweep control via expression pedal for on-the-fly high-gain fuzz frequency changes
- Fuzz Wah Wah function and Phaser function via expression pedal, offering versatile tonal options
- 9V power supply center negative with low power consumption
- Quick Change Battery Box for easy battery replacement
- Top-mounted jacks for convenient pedalboard placement
- Handmade in the UK with super-transparent buffered bypass
- Power requirement: 9V DC
- Current draw: 55mA

The Fig Fumb is suitable for guitars and basses, and its highly sculptable Paracentric EQ allows users to dial in perfect Muff tones from any Big Muff era. With its stability and control, this pedal is suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications, making it a valuable addition to any guitarist's setup.

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