Linden EQ Guitar Pedal By Barber Electronics

Linden EQ

Pedal Manufacturer

Barber Electronics


The Linden EQ by Barber Electronics is a compact pedal designed to capture the sweetest and most recorded bass EQ circuit in a simple foot-operated box. It is hand-made in the USA and features an ultra-high headroom design that draws 25 working DC volts from a standard 9-volt supply, resulting in superior headroom over a standard 9-volt powered pedal. The EQ circuit is derived from the great flip-top amps manufactured in Linden, New Jersey, paying homage to these portable bass amps and their excellent EQ.

Key Specifications:
- Enclosure Dimensions: 4.4" x 2.4" x 1.1"
- Power: Powered by standard 9-volt - tip supplies
- Current Draw: 40mA

- Perfect balance of tight and powerful low band with a seductively sweet high band
- Two toggle switches to choose from EQ curves for aggressive upper mids, open highs, or softer mids for aggressive playing styles
- Second toggle allows you to choose between normal, bright, and tight input path

The Linden EQ is designed to improve bass rigs by delivering a classic bass tone with modern equipment.

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