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The DLS Effects Chorus~Vib pedal offers a combination of chorus, vibrato, and rotating speaker effects in a single unit. It features controls for Chorus Rate, Depth, Blend, and Delay, allowing musicians to dial in multiple chorusing sounds from mild to intense. The pedal also includes stereo outputs for lush, full chorusing and two outputs to choose from (one bright, one normal, or both for stereo). The pedal is designed and manufactured in the USA and is constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, and steel pots to withstand rigorous use. It operates on 9VDC input and features true bypass switching. The technology used is a combination of analog and 16-bit digital electronics with a sample rate of 44.1KHZ and 256x oversample. The pedal's dimensions are 5.5”W x 4.9”D x 2.4”H, and it weighs 2½ lbs. The pedal is designed for professional use, offering high-quality sound and robust construction.

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