Digitech rp-70 Guitar Pedal By DigiTech

Digitech rp-70

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The DigiTech RP70 is a guitar multi-effects processor featuring 12 amp models, 100 presets, and 40 drum patterns. It is equipped with a 1/4" expression pedal input, providing a wide range of guitar sounds. The RP70 is powered by DigiTech's AudioDNA2 DSP processor, offering detailed models of boutique stompboxes, amps, cabinets, and effects. It includes 50 user and 50 factory presets, with 24-bit high-performance audio A/D and D/A converters and a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz throughout. The device is designed to provide flexibility and high-quality sound for guitarists, making it a versatile tool for creating various tones and effects.

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