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The Akai Phase Shifter is a 10-stage phaser pedal designed to produce deep, resonant effects or subtle harmonic sweeps. It features A/B switches that can be set in four combinations (90, 180, 270, and 360) to control the intensity of the phasing. The 90 position creates a subtle phase, while the 360 position creates a much more resonant, deep phasing sound. The Rate knob allows users to adjust the speed of the effect, determining how quickly the phasing occurs.

The pedal is housed in heavy-duty polished stainless steel and features true- bypass switching, ensuring that the signal remains unaltered when the effect is disengaged. It can be powered by the included 9-volt battery or a 9V AC adapter (sold separately). The Phase Shifter is suitable for use with keyboards as well as guitars and is known for its warm, classic sound.

Overall, the Akai Phase Shifter offers precision control and an instantly recognizable swirling sound, making it a versatile option for creating lush, atmospheric ambience.

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