Lion '68 Super Lead Amp Guitar Pedal By Universal Audio

Lion '68 Super Lead Amp

Pedal Manufacturer

Universal Audio


The Lion '68 Super Lead Amp by Universal Audio is a versatile amp-in-a-box pedal that faithfully captures the classic British amp sounds of the late '60s 100W plexi heads. It features three distinct 100-watt plexi amplifiers: Super Lead, Super Bass, and Brown, as well as six award-winning speaker cab emulations. The pedal allows for selectable boost modes, control of a 3-band EQ and volume for each of the two channels, room sound alteration, presence adjustment, and output volume control. It supports stereo 1/4" I/O for feeding stereo FX into the amp pedal and is compatible with the 4-cable method for easy integration into external FX setups. The Lion '68 Super Lead Amp is equipped with Bluetooth 5 support and can be wirelessly controlled using the UAFX Control app, which also allows for downloading custom tones and accessing unique features such as the onboard noise gate and custom mod functions.

The pedal provides authentic tube amp tones suitable for both stage and studio use, offering inspiring, album-ready tones of three expertly miked "golden unit" 100W plexi amp heads. It accurately captures the bell-like cleans, aggressive breakup, and soaring distortion of a vintage hand-picked Super Lead head, as well as classic Super Bass tones and the hot-rodded "brown" sound associated with Van Halen. Additionally, the Lion '68 Super Lead Amp includes tried-and-true boost recipes, such as a Maestro EP-III preamp and Boss GE-10 ten-band EQ, for further tone customization.

To capture classic plexi sounds, Universal Audio used prime specimens of a '68 Super Lead and '69 Super Bass, each bone stock with "laydown" transformers. For the "Brown" amp, a Variac was used to bring the wall power down to 90 volts and rebiased the amp extra hot, providing an authentic sound and feel of the most famous hot-rodded sound ever recorded.

The Lion '68 Super Lead Amp requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately).

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