Varidrive Effects Pedal Guitar Pedal By SIB Electronics

Varidrive Effects Pedal

Pedal Manufacturer

SIB Electronics


The SIB Electronics Varidrive is a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube-based overdrive pedal with a Class A circuit design. The pedal utilizes the tube component fully to create the overdrive/distortion effect without other circuitry addendums in either hybrid or solid-state form, i.e., pure tube only. It is known for its "audiophile quality" and advanced, very clean circuitry, as reviewed in "Guitar Player."

Key features and specifications include:
- Drive knob (gain boost) for a wide range of gain from toothy/edgy overdrive to buttery smooth break-up distortion with the right amount of compression and sustain
- GAIN toggle switch for half-loading and full-loading ranges to dial in familiar dosages of the 12AX7 overdrive
- Volume, bass, middle, and treble controls for a passive 3-band tone shaping
- True bypass with LED indicator
- Internal power supply with heavy-duty detachable power cord
- Powder-coated 14-gauge steel chassis
- Industrial quality components
- Hand-assembled in the USA

The Varidrive is designed to faithfully preserve the original sonic flavor and tonal characteristics, harmonics, etc. of the guitar and amplifier, making it sought out by discriminating professional players. It is a gem of an overdrive preamp pedal that can enhance the sound of most any amp while delivering all the gain boost needed.

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