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The Plexitube by Radial Engineering is a dual-channel tube distortion pedal designed to deliver high-gain, low-noise Plexi-style tube distortion. It features a 12AX7 tube to produce warm and harmonically rich tones. The pedal offers three essential tones: clean, rhythm, and lead, providing a solid foundation for exploring various sonic landscapes and fostering creativity.

Key Features and Specifications:
- Input Jack: 1/4" jack with 1meg input impedance for optimal tone from passive pickups.
- Channel 2 Drive Adjust Control: Allows fine-tuning of the lead channel's distortion.
- Drive Control: Sets the overall input gain and distortion level.
- Mid-Boost Switch: Offers three positions (+12dB, +7dB, OFF) to fatten up mid-range frequencies for increased sustain and cut.
- Contour Controls: Sweepable tone shaping controls for finding the sweet spot.
- Voicing Switches: Select between boost and scoop settings for rhythm and lead channels.
- Low and High Controls: Active post-distortion EQ controls for precise tonal shaping.
- Top End Switch: Shapes the pedal's overall high-frequency response with settings for BRIGHT, FLAT, and DARK.
- 12AX7 Vacuum Tube: Provides harmonically rich saturation.
- Level Controls: Adjust the overall output level of each channel.
- External Power Supply Connection: Requires 15VDC (400mA) PSU connection.
- Insert Effects Loop Jack: Allows for integrating effect pedals into the lead channel's signal path.
- Output Jack: Connects to the amplifier.

The pedal also features true-bypass switching to retain the original tone and includes an effects loop for channel 2, enabling seamless integration of external effects pedals.

The Plexitube's hybrid design combines tube and solid-state circuitry to achieve its distinctive tone, providing a balance of warmth, harmonics, dynamics, and low noise. The pedal's effects loop offers versatility, allowing users to augment the lead channel's tone with external effects and prepare multiple pedals for simultaneous engagement.

For maintenance, the Plexitube is designed for long-term performance, with the tube typically requiring replacement every two to three years, depending on usage. The pedal's user manual provides detailed instructions for tube replacement and troubleshooting common issues.

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