Dyna Red Distortion 4K Pedal Guitar Pedal By One Control

Dyna Red Distortion 4K Pedal

Pedal Manufacturer

One Control


The One Control Dyna Red Distortion 4K Pedal is a meticulously designed distortion pedal that offers a beautiful, organic distortion reminiscent of early to mid-70s UK voiced amplifiers. It is the latest evolution of the venerable BJFe Dyna Red Distortion, with many tweaks learned along the way, and a brand new fourth knob (4K) that helps dial this pedal in precisely for a wider variety of amplifiers as compared to the original models.

- Input impedance: 370 K
- Output impedance: 25K
- Drive voltage: 5-15 V center minus
- Current Consumption: 3.5 mA
- Size: 46(W)x113(D)x64(H)mm
- Weight: 305g
- True-Bypass Switching
- High-Quality Aluminum Enclosure

The new 4K knob is designed to help dial in the critical treble frequencies for a wide variety of amplifier situations. This pedal responds well to being boosted and prodded by preamp, EQ, and other first pedals. It can be the core of a classic rock sound, with other pedals adding more gain or EQ boost to take solos to the next level.

The Dyna Red Distortion 4K Pedal is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of use-cases, from classic UK amplifiers to blackface Americana and even stereo chorus solid-state amps. It is designed to provide a dynamic, harmonic, and "plexi" textured distortion that can be used with a clean amp to create tones ranging from crunchy low gain to heavy distortion.

This pedal is a valuable addition to any guitarist's setup, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities and a high level of responsiveness to different playing styles and amplifier setups.

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