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The Alexander Pedals Marshmallow is a modulation and pitch-shifting multi- effect pedal with six modes focusing on dual pitch shifts, arpeggiations, and modulation. The pedal features the following specifications and features:

- Six effect modes, each with multiple harmonic voicings
- MOD mode offers pitch-altered chorus, vibrato, and organ sounds
- ARPY mode is a fully configurable arpeggiator with four assignable voicings
- RAND mode features twin modulators set to adjustable randomness
- RING mode spans from tremolo to complex ring mod sounds
- DYNA mode allows input signal dynamics to affect pitch shifting
- CLOUD mode consists of twin pitch shifters with cascading reverb and delay
- Voice and Two controls generally determine the interval of pitch shift with variations on arpeggiation and dynamics
- Mod control is specific per mode, adjusting the depth of modulation, interval of arpeggio, envelope detection sensitivity, or feedback
- Alt control is specific per mode, adjusting the rate of effect, amount of modulation, or balance
- Pitch lock feature for locking in key (major or minor) or chromatically
- Warp footswitch for ramping into different effect parameters, latched or momentary
- Ability to recall up to four presets from the bypass switch or up to 16 over MIDI
- Multi-jack for expression pedal, Neo-footswitch, or MIDI over TRS
- Mini-USB functionality for MIDI control and firmware updates

The pedal also includes presets, MIDI-connectivity, ramping, and global control morphing via expression pedals. It offers an adventurous dive into musical transformations on pitch, providing a wide variety of sounds and flexible control options for musicians.

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