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The Germanium Tumnus by Wampler is a limited edition overdrive pedal designed with high-grade components selected for superior sound and response. It features vintage-specification clipping diodes for extra bite and sizzle, and a premium textured "Alien Silver" finish with anodized controls. The pedal's streamlined design includes three control knobs for Volume, Gain, and Treble, allowing users to quickly dial in their desired tones. The gain control offers a range from a smooth overdriven boost to a fuller voiced, meaty drive, and all the way up to a brutal, yet creamy overdriven tone.

The Germanium Tumnus is a versatile addition to any pedal board, offering the flexibility to stack with other pedals to push or shape the total amount of gain, use as a standalone overdrive, or as a slightly dirty boost to push the front end of an amp over the edge. The pedal draws approximately 19mA at 9V and has a power jack for DC supply only, with no battery connection within. It measures 1.3” x 3.6” x 2” in size (38mm x 63.5mm x 50mm) and comes with a limited 5-year warranty. The pedal is built in the USA and showcases Wampler's commitment to high-quality construction and player-friendly products.

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