VAPOR TRAIL DELUXE Guitar Pedal By Seymour Duncan


Pedal Manufacturer

Seymour Duncan


The Seymour Duncan VAPOR TRAIL DELUXE is an analog delay pedal that combines 100% analog tone with extensive digital control. It builds on the legacy of the original Vapor Trail analog delay pedal, offering warm Bucket Brigade repeats and 3-dimensional modulation. The pedal features four of the largest Bucket Brigade chips in production, delivering enhanced tone and increased delay times of up to 1.2 seconds.

Key Features:
- 100% Analog, Bucket Brigade Tone: The pedal offers analog warmth and character, with the four Bucket Brigade chips enhancing tone and providing increased delay times.
- Total Control: It is equipped with tap tempo with subdivisions, expression pedal control, and delay tails on/off options. Additionally, it allows for storing presets in three preset locations for on-the-fly recall.
- Limitless Ambient Inspiration: The Vapor Trail Deluxe serves as a platform for ambient sonic exploration, featuring a Wet Insert for adding outboard effects to the repeated signal. It also includes four new modes:
- Micro Delay: Provides extremely fast repeats for replicating double-track, slapback, and Leslie speaker-like effects.
- Pitch Sequence: Introduces up and down octaves in eight customizable, rhythmic sequences.
- Pitch Bender: Offers dive-bomb and glissando control at the tap of your toe.
- Runaway: Allows for endless repeats and building energy of runaway delay with effortless control.

Technical Specifications:
- Delay Times: Range from 6ms up to 1.2 seconds
- Modulation: Subtle shimmer to rotary speaker-like warble
- Preset Locations: Three preset locations for storing settings
- Wet Insert: Allows for adding outboard effects to the repeated signal
- Modes: Micro Delay, Pitch Sequence, Pitch Bender, Runaway

- Dimensions (L x W x H): 121.9 x 90.7 x 40.6 mm / 4.8" x 3.57" x 1.6"
- Weight: Not available

The Vapor Trail Deluxe offers musicians a versatile and inspiring analog delay pedal with advanced digital control, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications.

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