Golden Fleece Guitar Pedal By Mythos Pedals

Golden Fleece

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Mythos Pedals


The Golden Fleece by Mythos Pedals is an incredibly simple circuit that blurs the line between overdrive and fuzz. It is designed to live in your guitar's volume and tone controls, offering a balanced tone that doesn't shift your guitar's sound but provides a biting yet full sound suitable for various musical styles. The pedal is known for cleaning up better than most other fuzz pedals and features a single knob that acts as a master volume control.

Technical Specifications:
- Single transistor with hand-selected clipping diodes
- Single volume control on the unit
- True Bypass switching
- Approximately 10 mA current draw
- Enclosure size: 3.65” x 1.53” x 1.07”
- Stacks great with overdrive pedals
- Blurs the line between fuzz and overdrive
- Responds to your guitar volume and tone controls
- Quality through-hole components
- All Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9-volt DC power adapters (center negative only) and do not have internal 9-volt battery clips.

It may pick up radio signals, similar to classic fuzz pedals.

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