Align Session Guitar Pedal By LR Baggs

Align Session

Pedal Manufacturer

LR Baggs


The LR Baggs Align Session acoustic guitar pedal is designed to bring studio- quality sound to live performances. The pedal features analog saturation that enhances warmth and harmonic content, as well as compression and EQ to smooth out common problem frequencies. It is suitable for both passive and active pickups and offers adjustable gain control.

Key Features:
- Analog saturation for warmth and harmonic enhancement
- Compression and EQ to address problematic frequencies
- Adjustable gain for passive and active pickups
- 9V battery or 9V DC powering options
- Engage footswitch for affected signal or true bypass
- Volume level control
- ¼" output

Technical Specifications:
- 1/4” Input Impedance: 5.1 Megohms
- Preamp Gain: -14dB to +20dB
- Input Level: -25dBv to +2dBv (0.056Vrms to 1.273Vrms)
- Line Output Level: -5dBv (0.566Vrms) Unbalanced
- Output Impedance: 220 Ohms
- Power: 9VDC with 100mA minimum
- DC Power Consumption: 24mW Max at 9V
- DC Current Draw: 2.5mA
- Voltage Range: 7.5VDC – 12VDC
- 9V Battery Life: 200 hours
- Signal to Noise: 90dB, Unweighted
- Physical Characteristics: 0.85 lbs, 5” Length x 3.25” Width x 2” Depth

The Align Session pedal is designed to enhance the acoustic pickup and impart rich sonic character, making it a valuable tool for acoustic guitarists in live performance settings.

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