The 1968 Guitar Pedal By King Tone

The 1968

Pedal Manufacturer

King Tone


The King Tone Vibe-1968 is a dual vibe pedal with 2 independent channels, offering classic vibe tones with a range of enhancements. It features a 100% analog circuit throughout, classic photocell and bulb design, and smooth speed ramp between settings. The pedal allows for rate, depth, and vibrato/chorus settings for each channel, with intensity controls that range from light chorus or vibrato to classic heavy throb. Pulsing indicator lights show the current speed, and top-mounted Neutrik jack sockets are included. The internal volume control allows for setting the output volume from unity to boosted. Custom matched photocells are used for the deepest, most musical sounding vibe effect. The pedal operates on 18V DC with a current draw of less than 100mA. Its dimensions are 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 1.34″. The Vibe-1968 is designed to fit 100% classic, no compromise vibe tones into a smaller pedalboard-friendly size.

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