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Fuzz 292

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The JDM Pedals "Fuzz 292" is a custom silicon fuzz pedal designed with a classic Fuzzface style and modern twists to reduce noise and interference. It offers three distinct voicing modes: a classic "Lo" mode, a 70's style "Treble" mode, and a modern "Hi" mode with increased maximum gain for over- the-top fuzz sounds. The pedal features vintage BC109 and BC183 transistors, providing an articulate fuzz tone, and allows for "sparkling" cleanup as the guitar's volume pot is adjusted. The 3-knob version includes controls for Volume, Bias, and Tone, enabling the user to control the fuzz (gain) with the guitar's volume knob. The tone control does not reduce the gain or output of the pedal and can be used to tame the "brightness" of the fuzz or allow it all through for a classic 70s fuzz sound. Additionally, the bias control shapes the character of the fuzz, allowing for a smooth, overdrive-like fuzz or a gated, "ripping velcro" fuzz tone. Custom configurations are also available upon request. The pedal is handmade and tuned to deliver the finest silicon fuzz tone.

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