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The Void Master by FuzzLord is a 70’s style silicon fuzz device inspired by vintage Colorsound Fuzz pedals while incorporating elements of the classic Fuzz Face. It offers a huge amount of output volume and sustain, making it suitable for various use-cases, including droning out down-tuned chords at thunderous volumes. The pedal features one simple level control to shape the sound and is highly interactive with the volume and tone controls of the guitar.

The Void Master has been finely tuned to work well with down-tuned guitars or bass without stripping out all of the low end. It is equipped with true bypass relay switching to ensure that when the effect is disengaged, the clean signal will not be altered in any way.

- Power: Requires a 9V center negative 2.1mm power supply. It is recommended to use an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.
- Dimensions: Length: 120 x 94 x 34 mm
- Switching: True bypass soft switching
- Current Draw: 45mA

The pedal's level control adjusts the overall output volume, and the fuzz is set internally, providing a massive volume boost that can also overdrive the amp further.

Returns are accepted within 3 days of delivery, and the buyer pays return shipping.

For a sound demo and further details, please visit the official FuzzLord Effects website.

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