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The Eventide TriceraChorus is a tri-chorus pedal that combines rich Bucket Brigade-style chorusing with Eventide’s MicroPitch detuning. It features three chorus voices (Left, Center, and Right) and three unique chorus effects, allowing for a wide stereo spread with pulsing waves of modulation. The pedal offers three chorus modes: "Chorus" for classic chorus stompbox sound, "Chorale" for lush, swirling choruses, and "Swirl" for psychedelic flange-like flavor.

Key Features:
- Three chorus voices: Left, Center, and Right
- Three chorus modes: Chorus, Chorale, and Swirl
- Detune feature for simultaneous detuning of left and right channels
- Depth control for modulation amount on each voice
- Swirl footswitch for adding psychedelic flanging, phasing, and Univibe- style tones
- Tone control for shaping the high and low end of the signal
- Ribbon control for morphing between two different settings
- System requirements: macOS 10.9+ and Windows 8+, AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit

The pedal is designed to inspire experimentation with a user interface optimized for live performance. It also offers powerful automation tools, including RIBBON morphing and HOTSWITCH for immediate setting changes. Additionally, the pedal features ENV RATE and ENV MIX controls that use the dynamics of the signal to adjust the rate and mix.

The TriceraChorus pedal is available for purchase at a price of $249.00 USD and is compatible with various platforms and hosts, including Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Studio One.

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