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The BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer is a powerful creation machine that transforms your guitar or bass rig with limitless sound design options. It features a next-generation synth engine with custom DSP and 48 kHz/32-bit processing throughout. The SY-1000 offers unprecedented sound and expression with three simultaneous instrument types and advanced real-time signal processing. Each instrument provides pitch, level, and panning of each string for instant alternate tunings and wide, layered voicings.

The SY-1000 includes a new Dynamic Synth that perfectly follows the guitar’s natural envelope for uncompromised tone shaping. It also features a new sound engine and GK 13-pin interface that deliver clear, dynamic sound and precision tracking with zero latency. The Dynamic Synth includes two 16-part step sequencers for evolving control of pitch, filter, and amplitude.

Additionally, the SY-1000 offers newly refreshed versions of historic BOSS/Roland guitar synth and modeling technologies, including OSC Synth, GR-300, E.Guitar, E.Bass, Acoustic, VIO Guitar, and Poly FX. It also features normal ¼-inch guitar/bass input for blending and Dynamic Synth processing, premium effects and amps derived from the flagship GT-1000, large LCD and intuitive editing interface, eight freely assignable footswitches, external control support, effects loop, and configurable Main/Sub outputs.

The SY-1000 also includes USB Audio/MIDI and MIDI I/O, dedicated Guitar and Bass modes, and the ability to customize sounds with the BOSS Tone Studio editor and download pro patches at BOSS Tone Central. It requires a Roland GK- compatible pickup and 13-pin cable for full access to all synth and modeling features.

For recording tracks and playing MIDI instruments via USB, the SY-1000's USB audio/MIDI interface opens up a world of creative options with your favorite DAW. With the GK input, you’re able to record each of your instrument’s strings to separate audio tracks, either processed live or captured dry for later “re-synth” processing through the SY-1000. And with the Guitar-to- MIDI/Bass-to-MIDI function, you can use your axe to play soft synths, record MIDI sequences, input notation data, and more.

The SY-1000 represents a new era of guitar synth innovation, offering deep sound design tools, ultra-expressive dynamic synth capabilities, two step sequencers, OSC Synth and GR-300 instruments, advanced guitar/bass modeling, and flagship-class effects and interface.

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