E-155 Chorus/Delay Pedal Guitar Pedal By Boomerang

E-155 Chorus/Delay Pedal

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The Boomerang E-155 Chorus/Delay Pedal is a multi-effect unit designed to work in tandem with Boomerang's effect system. It features three chorus modes, including Classic, Shimmer, and Lush, and three delay modes, namely Clean, Tape, and Reverse. The pedal offers eleven presets and an AirMix output for a unique stereo experience.

The delay section of the pedal provides adjustment of Time (when the delay begins), Repeats (number of echoes), and Level (echo mix). The chorus section allows adjustment of mix with the delay, speed, depth, and chorus delay time. The pedal also features 11 LED lights that serve as presets, a Tap Tempo function, and an output for an expression pedal to control echo and chorus parameters.

The E-155 Chorus/Delay Pedal offers stereo output and an AirMix Output, allowing for a dry signal to come out of one amp and the affected signal to come out of another amp, creating a more organic and rich sound. Additionally, it includes a Pedal Link System for storing or recalling presets from multiple pedals.

The pedal is known for its natural sound effects and user-friendly design. It is housed in an angled steel chassis with push selector knobs protected by thick rubber pads and a ‘clip/overload’ indicator. The MSRP for the E-155 is $489 USD, with street prices hovering around $400.

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