Voodoo Bass Guitar Pedal By Roger Mayer

Voodoo Bass

Pedal Manufacturer

Roger Mayer


The Voodoo Bass by Roger Mayer is an analog fuzz box designed to add thickness to bass tones and simulate the tube-like sag of a full amplifier at higher gain settings. It is also suitable for use with regular guitars, providing a gutsier bass equalization that enables players to reproduce the rounded, bluesy sound of classic pickups such as the Gibson P90. The pedal offers a comprehensive gain and tone variation, allowing a wide range of distortion sounds to be created, from compressed sustain to full tube overload.

Key Features:
- Multi-mode outputs: The pedal offers a choice of a hard wire output (true bypass) plus two buffered outputs that can drive long cable lengths with no high frequency loss.
- Battery life: 150 hours or more using a premium grade alkaline 9 Volt type.
- External power adapter/supply: It can be powered from a 9-Volt DC Power Adapter (not supplied) with standard negative center pin connection protocol. Regulated output is recommended, with a current rating of 50mA or more.
- Ergonomic design: The position of the jack sockets and DC power jack are all on the same side of the enclosure, facing away from the user, enabling optimal positioning in pedal board setups.
- Size: Width 170 x Depth 112 x Height 57mm. Weight: 644g with battery.

The Voodoo Bass 2 circuit, part of the Synergy Series, introduces a new lower- voiced circuit on the Low Band, providing precise control and depth over the low end. It features parallel path processing and recording studio-mixing quality, with two separate distortion sections driven by internal splitter circuitry and then mixed back together. The pedal also includes controls for High Band Drive, High Band EQ, Low Band Drive, Low Band EQ, Mix, and Output.

Technical Features of Voodoo Bass 2:
- Rapid battery change: Slide the front panel back for quick access to the battery.
- Low noise triple shielding: A 6-layer PC Card with solid copper Power and Ground Planes provides complete RF and EMI shielding.
- Bypass switch: Utilizes USA Carling Switches.
- LED status indicator.
- Battery life: 50 hours or more using a premium grade alkaline 9 Volt type.
- External power adapter/supply: Same specifications as the Voodoo Bass.

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