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The Savage by Anasounds is a warm and powerful overdrive pedal with the following technical specifications:

- Weight: 290 g
- Size (LWH): 1186459 mm
- Design: Mahogany with sanding of 8 and varnishing of 6, laser engraved, and die-cast aluminum
- Emerald mirror-plexiglass
- Logo lighting with intensity controller
- Input impedance: 260 KΩ
- Output impedance: 1.8 KΩ
- Supply: 9V DC, 22.9mA, negative polarity
- OPA dynamic: 40V effective
- Switching: Gold true bypass
- Integrated circuits: OPA Texas Instrument
- The pedal features two signals in parallel to keep the clean and overdrive at the same time, with a gain knob that has two functions to saturate and mix these two signals.
- The pedal also includes internal and external settings for tone, gain, and voicing, as well as dip switches and trimmers for further customization.

The Savage is made in France and is an analog overdrive pedal with true bypass. It does not require a battery and operates at 9V with center negative polarity. The dimensions of the pedal are 1186459 mm (LWH), and it weighs 290 g.

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