Fat Metal Pro II Guitar Pedal By Amptweaker

Fat Metal Pro II

Pedal Manufacturer



The Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro II features and technical specifications are as follows:

- All analog circuitry for better dynamics, response, and tone
- Designed for low-end distortion used in Black Metal, Doom Metal, etc.
- Ultimate tool for recording with EQ, Noise Gate, Depth Finder, DeFizzerator, Balanced Output, and Cab Simulator
- Can be used as a preamp or effect pedal
- Built-in noise gate for tight sound control
- Depth Finder simulates tube power amp response with control over Resonance and Presence
- DeFizzerator removes excessive high-end associated with some amps and speakers in high-gain mode
- Three distinct effects loops (Global, Boost, Side Track)
- Two Boost Controls (before and after the distortion)
- 9V or 18V operation for more headroom or drive & compression
- Made in the USA with a 5-year limited warranty

Technical Specifications:
- Hi-Gain Preamp for Recording or Live Performance
- DeFizzerator Built In
- Depth Finder Built In
- Noise Gate
- Resonance & Presence Power Amp Style EQ
- 3 Band EQ with Smooth Edge & Thrash Switch
- Three Effect Loops (Global/Boost/Side Track)
- Speaker Simulator
- Balanced DI
- Headphone Output
- Dual Boost Controls via Boost Footswitch
- Gain, Tight & Volume Controls
- Runs at 9V or 18V
- Current: 39mA with 9V adapter (Power Supply NOT Included)
- Weight: 3 lbs.
- Dimensions: 5.63” W X 5” D X 2.13” H

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