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The Bones London by Radial is a solid-state distortion pedal with a multi- stage drive circuit that produces high-gain tones reminiscent of Plexi-style tube amplifiers. The pedal features a high gain circuit modeled after the 'British Plexi' half stack and offers dual mode for clean, rhythm, and lead performance. Its compact design allows it to fit on any pedalboard, and it operates using a standard 9 to 12-volt DC power supply.

Key Features and Functions:
1. IN: 1/4" input jack for the guitar.
2. OUT: 1/4” output jack connection to the amp.
3. PSU: Connection for 9-12 volt DC (center pin negative).
4. BYPASS: Footswitch toggles between distortion and clean bypass with an on/off LED status indicator.
5. TOGGLE: Choose between two output LEVEL controls for rhythm and lead performance.
6. DRIVE: Adjusts the overall amount of distortion.
7. HIGH & LOW: Two-band EQ for shaping treble and bass response.
8. BITE: Three-position switch controls the overall high-end character.
9. KICK: Three-position switch for mid-range control with +7dB or +12dB of mid-range boost for sustain.
10. LEVEL 1 & 2: Each channel is equipped with a level control for adjusting the overall output volume separately.

The pedal is designed for clean, rhythm, and lead playability, offering natural clean sound in bypass mode and the ability to choose between two channels for different performance needs. The variable drive control allows players to dial in the perfect amount of distortion, and the powerful dual- band equalizer with Radial’s distinctive passive-interactive circuit shapes the overall sound. The Bones London is powered by a standard 9V adaptor or power brick.

The Bones London delivers three generations of British distortion in a compact and powerful pedal, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications.

Source: Radial Engineering - Bones London

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