Bias distortion pro Guitar Pedal By Positive Grid

Bias distortion pro

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Positive Grid


The Bias Distortion Pro by Positive Grid is a high-quality distortion/overdrive pedal designed to deliver analog-sounding distortion tones with cutting-edge technology. It offers the ability to virtually design custom distortion pedals through the BIAS Pedal mobile and desktop app, as well as share and download distortion pedals from ToneCloud. The pedal integrates with BIAS Pedal's Tone Match technology, allowing users to match the tone of their favorite distortion, overdrive, fuzz, and boost pedals.

Key features and technical specifications include:
- Full metal framework for robust build quality
- 6 tone-shaping knobs plus boost for precise hardware control
- 4 rugged metal footswitches for preset changes and boost
- Mono 1/4" TS Hi-Z input for instrument
- 1/4" TRS input for expression pedal
- Mono 1/4" output
- 5-pin MIDI connectors for In/Thru
- Micro USB port for connection with BIAS Pedal desktop (PC & Mac)
- Bluetooth connectivity for iPad integration
- Power supply: 9V DC (negative tip required)
- Dimensions: 62.7 x 142 x 227 mm
- Weight: 1.3 kg

The pedal uses premium components to ensure the best sound quality, blending analog and digital technologies. Users can modify various parameters such as input volume, distortion stages, gain control, pre and post EQ, and more, allowing for a high level of customization.

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