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D.Loop SGoS

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The Lehle D.Loop SGoS is a programmable double looper designed to serve as the centerpiece of a pedal-board management system. It is capable of taking inactive effects out of the signal path. The pedal features two independent loops that can be used separately. Additionally, it includes an adjustable buffer that can be used to boost effects when necessary, with gain margins of up to 12dB.

The jack sockets and internal signal routing of the D.Loop SGoS are entirely stereo, allowing for full-quality use of studio, 19" and stereo effect-pedal units. The pedal features True Bypass characteristics and gold-plated-contact relays to ensure high-quality signal transmission. The signal ground is also switched to eliminate hum in effect loops, and a pop-and-click suppression circuit avoids annoying switching noise.

Programming the D.Loop SGoS is intuitive and can be done via remote, using MIDI program change commands, as a stand-alone unit, or combined with other SGoS switchers. It can be used in combination with the Lehle Dual SGoS to mutually monitor and control each other, managing effects and amps. The pedal can be easily integrated with other SGoS switchers and MIDI equipment.

The dimensions of the Lehle D.Loop SGoS are 4.25" L x 6.25" W x 2" H.

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