Black Country Customs MONOLITH Guitar Pedal By Laney

Black Country Customs MONOLITH

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The Black Country Customs MONOLITH by Laney is a boutique distortion pedal designed to provide players with precise command and control over a range of gains and harmonic distortions, from classic fat rock tones to jangly indie lines. The pedal offers three distinct modes: heavily compressed distortion, overdrive distortion, and soft compressed distortion.

Key Features:
- Heavily compressed distortion/Overdrive Distortion/Soft compressed distortion modes
- Tri-color LED for clear visual reference to the pedal's mode of operation
- Silent switching for noise-free activation of effects
- Low battery consumption
- Solid metal chassis construction
- Excellent consistent load for passive Volume pedals

- Item dimensions: 59mm x 74mm x 121mm (HWD)
- Carton dimensions: 79mm x 115mm x 158mm (HWD)
- Item weight: 0.38 kg
- Input Impedance: 1M
- Output Impedance: 10k

The MONOLITH pedal is powered by a 9V battery (supplied) or a 9V DC PSU (not supplied). It is designed to deliver expressive gain even at low levels with a pleasing dynamic response to pick attack. The pedal allows players to hear every note of big chords as well as the nuances of intricate lead lines even at high gain levels.

The Black Country Customs MONOLITH is suitable for a wide range of musical styles and offers a durable and compact design for easy integration into pedalboards and setups.

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