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The Pedaltone by Koch is a versatile and feature-rich tube preamp designed for guitarists seeking a wide range of tube sounds. The Pedaltone II model features the following technical specifications:

- Four 12AX7 Pre-amp Tubes
- Clean channel with separate gain, volume, tone controls, and a foot- switchable Enhance function
- Distortion channel with separate gain, volume, tone controls, and a foot switchable High-Gain Boost function
- Two separate Masters providing two controllable volume levels for all channels and settings
- All-tube single-ended 0.5 watt Power Amp (OTS) with drive and volume controls, foot switchable for all channels
- Five independent outputs (Power Amp/0dBm, FX Return/-10dBm, Amp Input/-20dBm, Recording/-10dBm & speaker simulation, Headphones/ 0dBm & speaker simulation)
- Fully buffered Serial Effects loop
- 12 VAC Power Supply input – mains adapter is included
- Dimensions: 31 cm w x 23.5 cm d x 8.5 cm h
- Weight: 3 kg

The Pedaltone II offers a total of 16 separate sounds, with the ability to combine the OTS feature with any of the first four sounds, providing eight individual and unique settings. Additionally, it features a redesigned OTS function for a fatter tone and relocated Post effects loop instead of pre effects loop. The pedal also includes a headphone jack for versatile use.

The Pedaltone is housed in a stainless steel shell, ensuring durability and reliability for live performances and recording purposes. The inclusion of multiple foot-switchable functions and independent outputs makes it a versatile and powerful tool for guitarists looking for a wide palette of tube sounds.

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