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The Infanem Second Voice is a fully analog harmonizer pedal that incorporates a phase-locked loop (PLL) harmony circuit, a fuzz circuit, and a dedicated suboctave circuit to produce synthy, glitchy, and harmonically rich tones. The pedal is available in standard and deluxe versions, both of which offer unique features and controls.

Key Features:
- Fully analog harmonizer with phase-locked loop (PLL) harmony circuit
- Incorporates fuzz and dedicated suboctave circuit
- Standard and deluxe versions available
- True bypass switching
- Internal voltage doubling for increased headroom
- Standard version features black graphics on a white 1590BB enclosure, while deluxe version features black graphics on a hand-polished 1790-sized enclosure
- Double-sided, through-hole plated PCBs produced in Mulino, OR and assembled in-house using highest quality components

Standard Version Controls:
- Separate volume knobs for Suboctave, Harmony, Fuzz, and Clean signals
- Range control for tracking and tone of the synthesized harmony
- Harmony selector switch with selectable intervals
- Gate control for sustain of the fuzz, harmony, and suboctave

Deluxe Version Additional Controls:
- Voltage controlled -12dB/oct active resonant low pass filters
- Footswitches to individually mute/activate the harmony and suboctave circuits
- Filter Freq and Resonance controls for the active low pass filters
- Range CV and Freq CV accept either 0-5VDC CV or passive expression pedals

- Input, output, and power jacks located across the top of the enclosure
- Uses standard 9VDC negative tip power with a current draw of approximately 100mA

The Second Voice pedal offers a unique blend of harmonizing, fuzz, and suboctave capabilities, making it suitable for musicians looking to create experimental and synth-like tones in their music.

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