The Wardenclyffe Deluxe Guitar Pedal By Hungry Robot

The Wardenclyffe Deluxe

Pedal Manufacturer

Hungry Robot


The Wardenclyffe Deluxe by Hungry Robot is a versatile lo-fi ambient modulator pedal designed to emulate the lo-fi textures of early audio recordings. It offers a wide range of features and controls for creating unique soundscapes. The technical specifications and features include:

- Current Draw: 97 mA
- Dimensions: 5.7” x 4.7”
- Powering: 9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel
- Tap tempo control for modulation rates
- Independent control over the level of the ambient PAD
- CLOCK knob to control the operating frequency of the DSP
- DETUNE toggle to split the signal into two and tastefully detune one of them for a lush chorus effect
- CRUSH toggle to add a gnarly bit crusher to the signal
- Vinyl Noise simulator with knobs for Snake (filtered white noise/hiss), Campfire (crackle effect), and Pop (random popping effect)
- Wet, Dry, PAD, Filter, Depth, Speed, and other control knobs for precise sound manipulation
- HP/LP toggle for switching between high pass and low pass filters
- Waveform toggle to switch between sine wave LFO and slewed random
- LFO Rate LED to indicate LFO speed

The Wardenclyffe Deluxe can be used for vibrato, chorus, or pad reverb effects, and it offers a new dimension for creating broken up lo-fi sounds. With its comprehensive set of features, it is considered to be the most feature-packed lo-fi pedal available.

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