Anubi Ambient Box Guitar Pedal By Foxgear

Anubi Ambient Box

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The Anubi Ambient Box by Foxgear features the following technical specifications and functionalities:

- Power In: 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
- Mono IN (L) Mono Out (L) (Can accept Mono input with Stereo Out)
- Consumption at 9V: 70mA
- Input Impedance: ≤1M Ohm
- Output Impedance: ≤10K Ohm
- Dimensions: 127mm (5") Width, 90mm (3.5") Length, 30mm (1.2") Height
- Weight: 0.2Kg (0.4lbs)
- Stereo Engine (input & output)
- Midi interface to manage Presets and EXP
- 16 Algorithms
- 128 Presets Available
- 16 Midi Programmable Channels
- LCD display
- Analog MIX
- Digital Programmable Mix
- 100% Analog Signal Path
- Class A buffered Bypass with Relay

The Anubi Ambient Box offers a wide range of premium designed Algorithms for Ambient (Reverb, Delays, Chorus) or Modulation (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Leslie, Flanger) and combinations thereof. It can be easily managed by a Midi pedalboard or Midi Looper/Switcher to change up to 128 Presets with 16 different Algorithms and also use Control Change to assign an expression pedal to modify each parameter like delay time, levels, speed, or pitch shifting to obtain a fully working Whammy effect.

The Signal path is 100% analog with Audio capacitors in the Audio Path, preserving the quality and dynamics. The Main MIX sets the general Analog MIX of the pedal over the Clean signal that always passes through the pedal without being digitally converted to preserve the quality. An additional digital mix is present in all the presets, allowing modification and recall/save to the desired level, from 100% WET to the complete Bypass of the whole pedal.

The Anubi Ambient Box also provides a detailed list of algorithms and controls for various effects, offering a comprehensive range of options for musicians and sound enthusiasts.

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