DPC-5 Gen3 Guitar Pedal By Disaster Area Designs

DPC-5 Gen3

Pedal Manufacturer

Disaster Area Designs


The Disaster Area Designs DPC-5 Gen3 is a compact MIDI controller and loop switcher designed to control a mix of MIDI and non-MIDI pedals in a rig, allowing users to craft presets that can be engaged instantly. The technical specifications and features include:

- Compact size: 10" x 2.5" x 2.0" (excluding switch caps and jacks)
- Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure
- Soft-touch footswitches
- Blue LED display with 10 brightness levels
- No special power supply required, uses less than 120mA, 9V from a Pedal Power 2 or similar power supply
- Five effects loops with optional noise-cancelling mute circuitry
- High-quality bypassable buffer allows Loop 1 to be used even for impedance- sensitive devices like vintage fuzzes
- Isolated TRS outputs for amplifier or remote switching
- Always-on tuner output jack with mute capability
- 1/4" jack for expression pedal or tap tempo switch
- 5-pin MIDI port, doubles as MIDI input using the Disaster Area MIDI Y-Cable
- USB port with USB-MIDI functionality or USB Host compatibility
- Built-in SMARTClock for sending MIDI Clock or tap tempo to connected devices
- Built-in SMARTSwitch with isolated TRS jack for amplifier channel, tremolo, reverb, or other switching functions
- MultiJack functions as expression pedal input, tap tempo input, tap tempo output, or MIDI output with Disaster Area TRS to MIDI Adaptor Cable
- MIDI Input and Output: 5-pin MIDI jack on the DPC-5 operates as a MIDI output and can also receive MIDI in using the Disaster Area MIDI Y-Cable
- Easy firmware update process
- Supports full MIDI control for various devices including Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, Chase Bliss, Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Empress, and more

The DPC-5 Gen3 also offers new features such as preset naming capability, improved LED indication and display, silent loop switching, improved audio path and buffers, separate expression and roller configuration, optional gHOST compatibility, and more MIDI control capabilities.

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