PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer Guitar Pedal By BOSS

PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer

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The Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric Equalizer features a three-band bass parametric equalizer with Low, Middle, and High bands. Each band allows users to set the frequency and level for more precise control over the bass frequencies. The pedal switch and level indicators provide easy operation and monitoring. The dimensions of the PQ-3B are 70(W) x 55(H) x 125(D) mm (2-3/4(W) x 2-3/16(H) x 4-15/16(D) inches), and it weighs 410g/15oz. The input impedance is 1M Ohm, output impedance is 1k Ohm, and the recommended load impedance is 10k Ohms or greater. The PQ-3B operates on a DC 9V dry battery or an AC adaptor (BOSS PSA-120, optional) with a current draw of 25mA (DC 9V). The residual noise is -98dBm or less (IHF-A) when all controls are centered. The package includes instructions and a dry battery (S-006P/9V), with the option to use the BOSS PSA-120 AC adaptor or other compatible dry batteries.

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