Guitar Pedals from SolidGoldFX

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Bass Effects

Chorus and Vibrato


76 Plus

The SolidGoldFX 76 Plus is a versatile octave fuzz pedal designed for guitarists seeking a powerful and cutting fuzz with octave-up capabilities. Handmade in Montreal, Canada, this pedal draws inspiration from the Univox Super Fuzz, Shin-Ei Companion, and Ibanez Standard Fuzz pedals. Main Features: \- Octa-Fuzz and Wah-like Filter in one pedal, which can be used individually or together \- 3 different Clipping and Color modes for precise tone sculpting \- 9 different Filter types, from classic wah to synthy sequenced filters \- Expression input for hands-free control over the filter frequency or filter speed \- Internal DIP switches to adjust the filter resonance The pedal features a simple control set consisting of a Clip and Color toggle, Fuzz, Texture, and Volume knobs, allowing users to dial in the desired amount of dirt, output, and mid-frequency content. The inclusion of an independent wah-like filter adds a unique dimension to the pedal, offering a wide range of filter types and movement options. Specifications: \- Power: Regular 9V DC PSU (center -, 2.1 mm, 10 mA current draw) \- Weight: 0.55 kg \- Dimensions: 14 × 10.2 × 6.4 cm (4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18") The 76 Plus is suitable for guitarists looking to explore classic fuzz and wah sounds from the 1970s, as well as those interested in creating synthesized textures and tones. It provides a platform for creative experimentation and sonic exploration.

Lysis MKII

The SolidGoldFX Lysis MKII is a polyphonic octave fuzz modulator designed to merge the worlds of strings and synths. It features a discrete analog square wave fuzz circuit with an FET preamp, delivering thick, resonant filters, multiple polyphonic voicings, and sweeping LFOs. The pedal offers polyphonic pitch shifting, including octave down, octave down/up, and super power chord voicings, along with selectable high-pass/low-pass filters with adjustable resonance. The Lysis MKII also includes a tap tempo LFO with three waveform modes (triangle, sine, square) and 11 presets for soft modulation or heavy, rhythmic sweeps. Additionally, it has assignable expression/CV operation, true bypass, and operates on 9V DC power with a current draw of 60mA. The dimensions of the pedal are 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18".

If 6 Was 9

The SolidGoldFX If 6 Was 9 BC183 MKII Fuzz pedal is a modern interpretation of the classic late 60's, early 70's Fuzz Face circuit with several updates and modifications. The pedal is based on the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit and uses two BC183 transistors, providing soulful fuzz tones between the mushy compression of Germanium and the brash sound of Silicon. Key Features: \- Silicon Fuzz pedal \- Based on the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit \- Uses two BC183 transistors for soulful fuzz tones \- Variable voltage pump supplies power between 5 to 15VDC internally \- Thick balanced bass response and tight fuzz tone \- Tone toggle switch for choosing between tight and thick fuzz voicings \- Bias knob for varying the operational voltage, offering a huge range of tones \- Saturation control trims the circuit’s input for better cleanup or impedance matching \- Soft-touch True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks \- Hand-made in Montreal, Canada \- Powered by optional 9V DC PSU (center -, 2.1 mm, 20 mA current draw) The pedal also features vintage spec carbon comp resistors to enhance the warmth of the core circuit. Additionally, it includes an external bias control and a 2-way tone toggle switch for further tonal versatility. The If 6 Was 9 MKII pedal is equipped with a variable voltage pump, supplying power between 5 to 15VDC from a single 9V power source. This feature eliminates the need for multiple batteries and allows players to set the voltage to their preferred supply, delivering consistent fuzzy compression or breakup. The pedal's saturate control trims the circuit’s input for better cleanup, signal chain integration, or impedance matching, making it ideal for use with a wah pedal. The soft-touch true bypass switching and top jacks bring this classic fuzz face into the modern age. The dimensions of the pedal are approximately 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1 x 66 x 35.3mm), and it weighs around 250g. It is powered by an optional 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm barrel plug and negative center, with a current draw of approximately 20mA. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the official SolidGoldFX website or contact authorized dealers.


The Rosie by SolidGoldFX is a modern reincarnation of the venerable MK II Tone Bender circuit, optimized for contemporary performance while retaining the favorite tonal characteristics of the original design. Unlike the classic Tone Bender MK II circuit, which used temperamental germanium transistors, Rosie utilizes a combination of JFET and select low gain, low noise silicon transistors, providing reliable consistency in punch and attack. The pedal features a two-way tone toggle and external bias control, allowing users to dial in a broad range of textures, from thick and syrupy to chunky and aggressive. It is designed to make single coils sing and humbuckers bite, bringing out the best from both types of pickups. Rosie's custom high impedance JFET input ensures worry-free performance by eliminating the possibility of any unwanted interaction with buffers or wahs, allowing it to be placed anywhere in the signal chain without adverse tonal impact. The pedal also features a bias control that lets users adjust the amount of voltage to the final transistor, providing a range of splatty singing lead tones, full-bodied fuzz, and everything in between. Additionally, it offers a two-way tone toggle switch for standard and bass reduction modes, as well as a true bypass footswitch. Technical Specifications: \- Circuit: Reincarnation of MK II Tone Bender circuit \- Transistors: Combination of JFET and select low gain, low noise silicon transistors \- Controls: External bias control, two-way tone toggle switch, true bypass footswitch \- Power Requirement: Center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 5mA of current \- Dimensions: 4.77″ x 2.6 x 1.39″ (121.1 x 66 x 35.3mm) The Rosie is designed to provide modern stability while capturing the classic sounds of early records, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications.

Spanish Castle

The SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle Dual Fuzz is a versatile pedal designed to provide a wide range of fuzz tones. It pays tribute to the year 1969, a significant period in the gear world. The pedal features two separate and footswitchable If 6 Was 9 circuits, each representing different eras of the Fuzz Face. The right side of the Spanish Castle represents the warmer pre-’69 circuit and is equipped with low-gain silicon transistors that emulate the rich character of germanium with more stable and consistent operation. Carbon-composition resistors further round everything out for a sound that is reminiscent of vintage fuzz tones. This circuit is equipped with a bias circuit to dial in the desired flavor and cleans up effectively. On the left side, the post-’69 If 6 Was 9 circuit offers higher-gain silicon transistors for a more aggressive, buzzsaw-like grind. It features metal film resistors for tighter tolerances and an extended bias range for dialing in ripping gated fuzz textures as well as full-bodied snarl. Each side offers two toggle switches—Color and Input. The Color switch adjusts the EQ of its respective side, while the Input switch changes gain and bass values to adapt better to other pedals. Additionally, each side contains an internal switch that changes between Bold and Comp modes, offering different output levels and tonal characteristics. The pedal features the following specifications: \- True Bypass: Yes \- Power: 9-18V DC \- Current Draw: 10mA \- Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm) The Spanish Castle Dual Fuzz is designed to cater to both the fuzz-crazy and fuzz-curious musicians, offering a wide array of tonal possibilities and control options for creating unique fuzz textures.

Octave/Pitch Shifters

Overdrive and Boost


The Beta by SolidGoldFX is a versatile bass preamp pedal designed to capture the warmth and grit of vintage tube amps. It offers two modes of operation, Preamp, and Overdrive, providing tube-like gain without compromising low frequencies. The Preamp mode delivers a smooth, even-keeled preamp colorization, while the Overdrive mode offers harmonically-rich overdrive without being too aggressive. Specifications: \- Knobs: Gain, Tone, Volume, Mode (Switch) \- Gain: Smooth, buttery gain without disrupting low frequencies \- Tone: Darker to brighter tone control \- Volume: Provides plenty of output to keep the amp tight \- Mode (Switch): Two positions for Preamp and Overdrive modes Dimensions: \- 112 x 60 x 27mm Power: \- Requires a center-negative 9–18VDC power adapter with at least 6mA of current (not included) The pedal is designed to warm up any rig, recording console, or mixer while retaining dynamics and low-end, making it suitable for a wide range of bass playing applications.

Zeta DLX

The SolidGoldFX Zeta DLX is a versatile guitar effects pedal that combines a preamp, overdrive, and boost functions. Here are the technical specifications and features: \- Technology: Transistors \- Compact effect pedal for guitar \- Made in Canada \- Year of release: 2020 \- Controls: Volume, Tone, Gain, Body, Mids, Clip, Level, B. Tone, Post/Pre switch \- True bypass \- Optional 9VDC power supply (center negative, 30 mA) \- Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm) \- Weight: 370g \- DC Input: Negative ground, 9V-18V DC power supply with a 2.1mm barrel plug and negative center \- Battery operation not possible \- Internal gain trimpot for adjusting the overall gain of the drive channel \- Post/Pre switch controls the order of both channels when used simultaneously \- Clip 3-position switch controls the type of clipping diodes in the drive channel \- JFET-equipped selectable boost with a dedicated 3-position tone switch \- Boost section can be used independently or configured to run before or after the drive channel \- Internal trimpots for bias adjustment and overall gain of the drive channel The Zeta DLX offers a comprehensive array of control options, allowing for fine-tuning of bass and mid-range frequencies. It is designed to provide a wide range of overdrive and boost tones, making it suitable for various musical styles and use-cases.


Apollo II

The SolidGoldFX Apollo II is a rich, whirling 4-stage analog phaser pedal with an exclusive microprocessor-controlled tap tempo. It combines a lush, all- analog 4-stage phaser circuit with a tap tempo microprocessor, offering a significant update to the previous generation Apollo. The pedal features a variety of distinct waveforms accessible via an 11-position detent control, which can be used in conjunction with three different rhythmic patterns, providing a vast array of unique phasing options. The waveforms include conventional sine and triangle-based shapes, step phasers, combined settings, randomizer, and manual phase control. Specifications: \- Current Draw: Approx. 30mA \- 9V DC Input: This pedal uses a negative ground, 9V DC power supply. Battery operation is not possible. \- Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm) Features: \- Depth: Controls the width of the phaser effect. The depth knob has no effect when the Wave selector is set to Manual mode. \- EXP (Expression Pedal Input): Allows connection of an expression pedal to replace the Speed control for on-the-fly adjustment or manual control. \- Mode: Toggle switch for selecting between 3 different phaser modes allowing for patterns and rhythmic accents. \- Regen: Controls the amount of regeneration (feedback) in the phaser effect. \- Wave: 11-position knob for selecting different waveforms that alter the phase sweep. \- 1-2-4 Switch: Sets the tempo range from slow to fast in standard speed mode. In tap mode, this switch multiplies the tapped tempo by 1, 2, or 4. \- Speed: Sets the rate of the phaser effect. The Apollo II also features a Bypass Switch for engaging or bypassing the effect, and it is true bypass.


The Athena by SolidGoldFX is an analog two-stage asymmetrically tuned phaser with unique Univibe-esque qualities, hence the descriptor Vibra-Phase. It is recognized for its strong, yet merciful characteristics, and is designed to be highly musical and dynamic, perfectly voiced to hold court with the rest of your effects and your instrument’s natural tone. Key Features: \- Speed, depth, and level controls are standard, allowing for a wide range of modulation effects. \- Mode switch enables users to change between different levels of blending to let a little or a lot of wet signal through. \- Color switch provides three levels of throb, pushing the Uni-Vibe character into overdrive for inspiring textures. \- The pedal also features an EXP jack for connecting an expression pedal with a TRS cable to get hands-free control over the LFO speed. Technical Specifications: \- Knobs: Speed, Depth, Level \- Toggle Switches: Mode (offering 50-50 full-range vibro-phase tone, 80-20 wet-dry setting for vibrato sounds, and manual mode) and Color (offering balanced stock setting, thick and chewy Uni-Vibe-like setting, and a subtle setting suitable for Bass applications) \- AUXILIARY: EXP Jack for connecting an expression pedal for real-time control over the LFO speed and phase in manual mode. The Athena Vibra-Phase is available in an Electro Purple finish and was introduced in 2019. It is made in Canada and falls under the categories of Chorus and Vibrato, as well as Phaser Pedals.



Counter Current

The SolidGoldFX Counter Current is a versatile and immersive lo-fi reverb unit designed to provide a range of degraded reverb effects. Here are the technical specifications and features: \- Model: Counter Current Reverb & Momentary Feedbacker \- Finish: Cosmic White, Dijon Sparkle, Gutter Green, Shattered Prism \- Dimensions: 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18" (119mm x 94mm x 30mm) \- Controls: \- Tone: Adjusts the frequencies of the reverb signal \- F. Back (Feedback): Adjusts the intensity of the momentary feedback footswitch function \- Decay: Increases the size of the reverb space and the intensity of the signal \- Drive: Saturates the virtual transducers on the reverb unit, providing grit, grime, and drive before the reverb kicks in \- Level: Controls the volume of the reverb (wet) signal \- Auxiliary: \- Input: Instrument or other pedal input \- Output: Amplifier or other pedal output \- Expression jack: Allows connection of an expression pedal for hands-free control over the Drive \- Switches: \- True bypass footswitch: Turns the effect on and off \- Momentary feedback footswitch: Causes the reverb to feed back into itself, providing a range of sounds from mild oscillation to screeching howl \- Power: Requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 53mA of current (not included) \- Use Cases: Suitable for creating crumbling walls of reverb, 8-track garage rock ambiance, and swells of bit-starved echo \- Functionality: Offers a range of interactive controls for creating various reverb sounds, including momentary feedback for oscillating blasts of reverb


Wah Wah