Guitar Pedals from ToadWorks

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The ToadWorks Redux is a unique digital delay pedal that offers exceptional clarity, long delay time, and nearly infinite repeats. It provides a combination of single, phased, and multi-tap delays in a compact package. The pedal has been tested with a wide range of amplifiers, including tube, solid state, and hybrid, consistently delivering impressive results. Key Features and Specifications: \- Dimensions: Height 4.6", Width 3.6", Depth 2.5" \- Power: 9V adapter or 9V battery \- Operation: The Redux features an asynchronous second delay signal merged with the original delay, creating a slightly time-shifted signal and producing a subtle phase-shift effect on the delayed signal only, leaving the original signal unaffected. \- Controls: The pedal includes Delay, Repeat (Decay), Offset, and Level knobs, allowing users to adjust the time between repeats, the number of repeats, the secondary delay time in contrast to the primary delay, and the overall delayed signal level, respectively. \- Functionality: The Redux offers a true-bypass circuit to maintain a crystal-clear tone and nearly infinite repeats. It provides 700ms of delay and a secondary parallel delay path that can be switched on and off, with the ability to time-offset forward or backward up to 100ms, enabling users to achieve effects ranging from slight phase shift to ping-pong delay. \- Construction: Hand-wired with high-quality components, the Redux is designed for true-bypass operation, ensuring minimal tone coloration and maintaining perfect unity gain in the clean (unaffected) path. The Redux by ToadWorks is a versatile and well-built digital delay pedal suitable for a wide range of musical applications, offering unique features and high-quality performance.



Overdrive and Boost

Meat Jr

The Meat Jr by ToadWorks is a compact Deluxe Boost pedal designed for maximum versatility at the lowest cost. It has been tested with a wide range of guitars and amplifiers, catering to low output or high, solid-state or tube setups. The pedal provides a fat, warm boost, a crisp, clear boost, or any combination of the two. It is perfect for simple solo boost, fattening up the tone while maintaining unity gain, or overdriving the amp input. The Meat Jr features a true-bypass circuit, allowing users to cut out the fat without sacrificing tone. It is a true hybrid, utilizing both transistors and Op-Amps for different types of boost. The pedal has a switch to turn the effect on and off, a Fat knob to control the amount of Deluxe Boost present in the effect, a Clean knob to control the amount of Clean boost present in the effect, and a Level knob to control the overall boost level. The pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components. It delivers a big Deluxe Boost with dipped highs, a crisp, clean boost, or a combination of the two. The Meat Jr is designed to make the guitar sound better, catering to various use cases such as boosting a weak signal or increasing the output of a vintage guitar without altering its unique character.

John Bull

The ToadWorks John Bull is a guitar effect pedal that emulates classic British overdrive. It is an op-amp based overdrive effect with a unique combination of symmetric and asymmetric gain circuits. The pedal features controls for Drive, Mids, and Level, allowing for versatile sound manipulation. The dimensions of the pedal are approximately 4.6" x 3.6" x 2.5", and it weighs around 14.4 ounces. The power requirements are 9 Volt DC, and it is recommended to use a Boss part # PSA-120T AC adaptor with a 2.1mm barrel power connector. The pedal features true-bypass circuitry for maintaining clear bypassed tone. Each pedal is hand-wired and manufactured in the USA using high-quality components, including custom-made machined aluminum knobs and Switchcraft jacks. The pedal is designed to work with a wide range of amplifiers, including tube, solid- state, and hybrid, making it suitable for various use-cases and musical styles.


The Leo by ToadWorks is a meticulously hand-wired and assembled overdrive pedal designed to emulate the classic overdrive of a dimed vintage Fender blackface amp. It features controls for Gain, Tone, and Level, allowing users to fine-tune their overdriven tone. The Leo employs heavy-duty true-bypass circuit design with an LED-equipped on/off stompswitch for seamless activation. The pedal is housed in a custom chassis with aluminum knobs and utilizes Switchcraft jacks. It can be powered via AC or battery operation. The Lil’ Leo is priced at $99 and is known for delivering a slightly crispy overdrive reminiscent of a cranked blackface Fender, without reducing low-end response or compressing the signal excessively. It offers natural distortion with good note separation and a touch of midrange response, enhancing its emulation of blackface tone. The pedal is also transparent, with only a slight boost in the mids, making it suitable for various playing styles and musical genres. The Leo by ToadWorks has received positive reviews for its authentic emulation of classic overdriven Fender blackface tone at a comfortable volume. It is considered a good bargain, given the quality of its materials and workmanship.


The Meat by ToadWorks is a dual boost effect pedal designed for maximum versatility with minimum tweakage. It has been tested with a wide range of guitars and amplifiers, providing a fat, warm boost, a crisp, clear boost, or any combination of the two. The pedal features independent Fat and Clean controls, allowing users to quickly dial in the perfect EQ for any setting. The Fat and Clean signal paths are in parallel, and changes to either control may require an overall level adjustment via the Master control. Technical Specifications: \- Fat Knob: Controls the amount of "fattened" signal level being returned to the summing node. The Fat signal EQ changes slightly across the full sweep of the control. \- Clean Knob: Controls the amount of "clean" (linear frequency response) signal level being returned to the summing node. The Clean signal EQ remains the same across the full sweep of the control. \- Master Knob: Controls the overall output volume of the pedal. \- Input/Output Jacks: Designed for use with 1/4" phone plugs only. \- Switch: Used to turn the effect on and off. The pedal is wired for "True Bypass," meaning that when the switch is in the "off" position, the original signal is routed around the effect circuit, resulting in no signal loss or coloration. \- Power: Uses a standard 9V alkaline battery or a 2.1mm barrel jack for use with a tip-negative 9 Volt power adapter. It is important to use only high- quality power adapters to avoid damage to the pedal components. Warranty: The pedal comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, guaranteeing it to be free of defects in workmanship and operation. Manufacturer Contact Information: ToadWorks USA 720 South Cannon St. Ste D Spokane, WA 99204 USA Phone: (415) 462-5539 Fax: (708) 570-8303 Website: