Guitar Pedals from Nordvang

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Overdrive and Boost

83 Drive

The Nordvang Custom 83 Drive v2.0 is a dual overdrive guitar pedal designed to provide a variety of tones, from an always-on drive to mid-boosting lead tones. It is a custom-made, all-analog pedal that combines the legendary Klon- style overdrive and the Black Box Blues Breaker. The pedal features two independent overdrives, each with its own set of controls, allowing for versatile sound shaping and stacking options. Key Features: \- Dual overdrive pedal with two independent overdrive circuits \- Side A (left) replicates the circuit of the first BB1 - Black Box Blues Breaker circuit \- Side B (right) is an exact replica of the K-circuit \- External knobs for GAIN, TONE, VOLUME, and additional toggle switches for extended tweaking \- TRS split function for using the pedal with pedal looper systems \- Carefully selected top-shelf components including Vishay 1% metalfilm resistors, WIMA film capacitors, and VIMEX sealed potentiometers \- Dimensions: 145mm x 121mm x 35mm \- Power requirements: Regulated 9-volt DC power supply with standard 2.1mm jack tip negative polarity, maximum power consumption of 100mA (+9VDC) The '83 Drive v2.0 is built using high-quality components and offers extensive tone-shaping capabilities, making it a versatile tool for guitarists seeking classic overdrive tones.


The Nordvang Custom Gravity v2.5 is a dual overdrive pedal that combines the K-style circuit and a TS10 circuit in one enclosure. It is designed to specialize in mid push, allowing users to cut through the mix in any situation. The pedal is inspired by the live lead tones of John Mayer, particularly in his songs "Gravity" and "Belief," where he stacks these two pedals to achieve a signature tone with a thick wall of mids. The Gravity v2.5 is divided into side A (left) and side B (right), with the ability to use both sides separately or stacked. It features external knobs for DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL, GAIN, TREBLE, and OUTPUT, as well as toggle switches for LOWS and CLIPPING. Additionally, the pedal offers internal dip switches for extended tweaking, including options for output boost, clarity, brightness, and clipping. The technical specifications of the Gravity v2.5 include: \- Dimensions: 5.72" x 4.77" x 1.39" \- Power Supply: Requires a regulated 9-volt DC power supply with standard 2.1mm jack tip negative polarity \- Max Power Consumption: 100mA (+9VDC) \- No battery operation \- TRS split capability for using the two sides of Gravity in serial mode or split mode \- Carefully selected top shelf components, including VISHAY 1% metalfilm resistors, WIMA MKP10, MKS4, and FKP2 film capacitors, VIMEX sealed potentiometers, TAIWAY footswitch, TAIWAY toggle switches, PURE TONE MULTI- CONTACT 1/4" JACK, and silver plated teflon insulated cable for internal wiring \- US made DAVIES MOULDING 1470 knobs The pedal is built with attention to detail, replicating the original circuits while adding switching options for additional tone shaping. It is recommended to use a quality power supply with isolated outputs to ensure optimal performance.